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Organic Soap Stops Cancer!

Posted by Merlin on Apr 17, 2008

The majority of brands of body washes and shampoos in supermarkets contain sodium laural sulfate, or sodium lauraleth sulfate. Both of these chemicals have been “inconclusively” linked to an increase in cancer rates. Both of these chemicals are also commonly used as industrial cleaners for cleaning up petroleum product spills.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body, and according to recent research, up to 60% of what is on our skin is directly absorbed.  If you apply sodium lauraleth sulfate to your body daily, how much will be enough to cause cancer? 

How can you avoid sodium laural sulfate?  It is almost impossible to find a brand without it in the supermarket.  Local shops that specialize in organic or natural products would be a good start, as well as online organic stores.  Organic soap and organic body washes should not have either chemical and will keep you just as clean.

Of course organic soap and body wash does not stop cancer, but it helps you stop putting chemicals on your body!

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