Natural Organic Cosmetics

Posted by Merlin on Oct 22, 2007

“USDA has no authority over the production and labeling of cosmetics, body care products, and personal care products that are not made up of agricultural ingredients, or do not make any claims to meeting USDA organic standards.” USDA

Cosmetics found in supermarkets are generally made of synthetic chemicals for color additives, emulsifiers, thickeners, solvents, moisturizers, Ph adjustment, and more. Ingredients such as glycerol, ethanol, hexachlorphene, paraffin, and phenol are petroleum products that are harmful to the body, and isopropyl alcohol actually promotes premature aging of the skin; all of which are found in cosmetics.

Propylene glycol is a solvent strong enough to remove barnacles from boats and can cause brain damage, as well as liver and kidney abnormalities. Diazolidnyl urea contains formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. Parabens are widely used even though they cause redness and itching and are known to be toxic. Of course all of these chemicals are found in many popular cosmetics that are on the shelf today.

By insisting on 100% organic cosmetics, you ensure that USDA is governing what is on your cosmetics packaging and that it is made only from agricultural (natural!) products.